The Pooch Flat Pack Bed Set

Call SATORI & SCOUT futuristic, but surely your pets can strive for that aspirational lifestyle, no? Fresh from German furniture maker Nils Holger Moormann, the company has just released a flat-pack bed just for your favourite pooch.

Termed the Klaffer, the dog-proportioned version of its full-size adult Siebenschlafer and children's Spross beds completes the company's roster of beds for all the family. Comprising of several metal-free pieces that are designed to be slotted easily together (SATORI & SCOUT are sure you are familiar with the concept of flat pack), this makes the bed portable and as such is perhaps more a convenient feature for the dog than yourself when travelling.

Constructed from European birch plywood, the bed comes in three varying colours of red, black or white, and the design company have the intention of launching several small, medium and large Klaffers in the future. As summarised by Moorman, "...the key thoughts are simplicity, intelligence and innovation, and these colour the entire company's philosophy".

Don't bark at your dog if he / she only leaves his bed under duress from now on, and SATORI & SCOUT suggests that the rate at which the dog wags his / her tail should be taken as the indicator when determining the optimal place for the bed.

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Photography credit : Moormann

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