Sati Tala Table For Meaningful Eating

All too often are people's lives that hectic, work focused or haphazard that socialable eating routines are lost to the argument of convenience, fast food and laziness. A project by Tany Jarus, 'Sati Tala' is a design hoping to re-connect and recreate meaningful moments and conversations between people at such a time of day that was once sacrosanct to the daily routine. With a result of a two-person dining experience with your partner in a way that is both special and quirky, who'd have ever thought of designing table furniture that has no legs to rest upon.

Offering just a table minus it's legs, the flat surface upon which you eat from rests upon the knees of two people. Physically connecting the couple as they eat and drink, the inherent nature of the design leads the experience to be one of focus, awareness of one another and everything enables them to engage in ways quite unique to ever before. 'Sati Tala' in ancient Pali language means 'a mindfulness surface', and the table is certain to enhance intimacy between any couple.

Manufactured from bent birch plywood that has been carefully finished with beech veneer and a coat of matte lacquer, both the table and stools are equipped with pillow cushions that are attached magnetically to keep them in place, yet removable for washing. Hoping to beat all your live's busy-ness and help you enjoy the most basic of activity in the day, just make sure you don't spill the baked beans or red wine over the floor.

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Photography credit : Sati Tala
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