Cool Breeze From The Spherical O-Fan

This year's summer must be close to being one of the hottest on record, if you know? SATORI & SCOUT definitely remember seeing Great Britain's weather match and improve upon the Mediterranean's and as climate change continues to affect the world year upon year, this summer doesn't look like its going to get much cooler any time soon. Fresh from South Korea, the O-fan might just be the most awesome affordable fan you will ever see and is perhaps worth a purchase to keep you feeling comfortable in the heat.

Whether you find yourself in the office, conservatory, kitchen or lounge, we all know the levels of noise distraction that oversized fans can produce, and whilst we may appreciate their cooling of the room's temperature, often their size and cumbersomeness are annoying. Designed by Cloud And Co for 11+, the O-fan is a desktop-suitable mini-fan that operates at a mere 2.5 watts, weighs just 140 grams, and is just really quite awesome. Connecting via USB cable to a power source to operate (located on it's reverse to enable the design to have its main differentiation, as below), and with a switch on its back for multi-speed capability, this small design certainly packs a punch.

Constructed of polycarbonate and ABS plastic, the fan's main benefit is its innovative spherical shape and accompanying cradle that stand together perfectly for the fan to rest upon and be pointed with minimal effort in almost any direction that its user desires. Motorised by a runner motor, the breeze that the fan produces is certainly effective while being quiet.

Available in Mercury Gray, Mars Coral, or Earth Blue, the minimalist frame design really does maximise cooling efficiency given its functional multi-axis rotating capability. SATORI & SCOUT definitely reckon the O-fan really should be on your list to counter whats been dubbed as '...the hottest summer in over a century...', all whilst having great design taste too.

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