The Perfect Relaxation Of A Kettal Pavilion

As Great Britain's summer days approach their finale, SATORI & SCOUT's latest scouting is another comfortable garden living idea. Similar in design intent as the Kodama Zome hanging seat, both place relaxation in the garden as a life priority and both designs are of equal minimalism and high-design. Whether more suited in the vicinity of a beach house on the Mediterranean or in a garden in sunny Brighton (UK), SATORI & SCOUT are sure you'll appreciate the aspirational lifestyle of a Kettal Pavilion.

Simple and of high design, these outdoor Kettal Pavilions will bring all the joy out of the summer sun. Of modular structure that is adjustable and personalisable, your design can be as quaint as it is bold, as open as it is enclosed. Will you have one sofa or two, one large table in the middle for social situations or against a rear-side wall for wind protection, will you have lots of furniture to make it your comfortable, cosy abode or a minimalist canvas for the ultimate in luxe sunbathing? Contemporary garden structures that offer different colours and panelling depending on all your requirements, Kettal Pavilion designs will certainly fit into any terrain.

Beyond the Kettal Pavilion's structure, the brand also offer blinds, net curtains, daybeds, dining armchairs, ceramic tabletops, pergolas and armchairs, and the personalised combination of such accessories will certainly add appeal to any garden or poolside area. Manufactured from aluminium and polyester powder, SATORI & SCOUT are confident these structures are very cool and more than durable enough for any temporary or permanent setting.

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Photography credit : Kettal
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