Kharkiv Apartment Of Sliding Relaxation

When SATORI & SCOUT advocates variety and all the spices in life that that brings, we'd never expect to perhaps be featuring a home of this sort. Of contemporary design and finishes, just when you thought having a lift shaft within your multi million pound home was taking everything to the next level, think again with a meandering slide.

Designed by Ki Design Studio, the Kharkiv (Ukraine) home is really quite unique with a slide than spans several floors, dual purposefully acting as a space filler in an otherwise empty first floor. Though the home still features stairs (presumably for going upwards), it is the slide that takes core focus in this minimalistically designed home. Ideal for the relaxed, full-of-life home owner, the home is an example of how slides and such like aren't just able to be found on a playground, of which SATORI & SCOUT are sure this will beat anyone's daily stress away.

Incorporated well within the setting of the home, the contemporary slide design matches that of the apartment. Of warm tones and light-industrial aesthetic, the wooden decor matches the relaxation that the slide provides. With the kitchen, dining room and living room on the lower floor, and a home office, two bedrooms and two bathrooms on the first floor, everything sounds so normal about the home, until you see the slide, of course. View information about the architect and be inspired online at

Photography credit : KIDesign

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