The Duralex Picardie Design Collaboration

As dry as the topic may seem, glassware has been a really creative industry since it began many centuries ago. You will probably have noticed the brand name 'Duralex' more on the underside of a cafeteria's glassware than on the side of an advertisement board, but none the less, the market leader has created and designed some fantastic things over the years. Boasting being made of impact resistant tempered glass that is resistant to thermal shock, to washing in the dishwasher and even suitable for use in the microwave, Duralex glassware is proudly 100% Made in France. Duralex is celebrating a 70th anniversary of one of it's most timeless product ranges and they have a collaboration to celebrate.

Funded via a Kickstarter campaign that has been set up by design group Iconic Product Collection, 5.5 design studio have (rather ambitiously) conceived seventy different iterations of the glass tumbler that has become a timeless design known world over. The iconic 'Picardie' glassware by Duralex was conceived seventy years ago and Paris-based design company 5.5 design studio (also recently featured as creative designers behind Where Do You Buy Your Milk From?) is offering a one time collection in commemoration.

Known for its functionality and reliability, particularly in the face of school or children environments, the 'Picardie' glass has been adapted into an array of accessories whilst preserving it's recognisable cylindrical body. Becoming a myriad of household items such as lamps, eggcups or table gastronomy, the design studio have certainly done well given the gravitas of the Duralex brand in question. Playful yet practical, this project is also one of many of recent emerging French design ideas to surface on the global scene.

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Photography credit : 5-5 Design Studio

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