The Levitating Growth Of A Lyfe Plant

Levitation is a phenomenon that always excites us upon seeing it, and yet it's concept of magnetism is widely known and understood, even if just by knowledge from our schooling's physics lessons. Following a recent article on Air Bonsai which sees bonsai plants floating above a surface, Lyfe is similar in many ways and yet has really differing aesthetics and design cultures. Of Asian roots, Air Bonsai draws on mythical and religious symbols, whilst Lyfe's Swedish roots are much more architectural, aesthetically pleasing and neutral. Echoing Nordic elegance and minimalism, Flyte's (the designers) talented Swedish team have created an object that has such a wonderful form that it reflects several different shade of light all so elegantly.

Whether you're into magic, party tricks and obvious physics experiments, or not, the levitating capability of a plant pot is really quite appealing and entertaining. A small 12-sided geodesic silicone plant pot that floats above a wooden base in what Flyte call a 'zero-gravity growing system', Lyfe plants make a fun addition to any workspace, contemporary kitchen or cosy lounge, to probably name but a few. Requiring 'air plants' to be grown within the pots due to their ability to grow without soil (this is the heavy part of any plant pot), the silicone casing pot also contains a small drainage system to prevent overwatering.

Flyte are no strangers to floating objects and already offer a levitating light bulb. With the electricity to power the bulb also transmitted via its magnetism, Flyte's lightbulb is really quite innovative. Where the lightbulb boasts its power transmitting capability, Flyte's Lyfe plants have the ability to rotate for even sunlight exposure throughout the day's passing, providing nourishment with 360 degrees of sunlight exposure. Beyond the technical excitement of both products, SATORI & SCOUT reckon that the sheer ability to even float is impressive enough, let alone to have such functional and dynamic objects be the items that do. Support this inovative invention at

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