Former Firehouse Becomes Modest Penthouse

Loft conversions often introduce so much more to a dwelling's offering and the improvement on a person's livelihood can so often be huge. Rarely overly expensive in the grand scheme of things given their tremendous add-on value to the property, there have been some great designs in the past and this 19th century two-story firehouse in Williamsburg (USA) is a fine example.

Originally erected in the mode 19th century, there used to originally be sleeping rooms on the first floor and both horses and buggies on the ground floor. At some point in time - as technology advanced - the structure of the ground floor was upgraded to support the weight of trucks, and after such a light-industrial beginning, was closed in the 1970€™s to be used as a sculptor's studio. Presently owned by a photographer after purchasing the home in a very much dilapidated state, the home has evolved so much in its recent residential renovation.

The ground floor is now a photo studio and gallery space, whilst the first floor was converted into living spaces and bedrooms with a second floor penthouse added to include a master suite, lounge and rooftop terrace garden. With the garden wonderfully walled, the focus of the project was to introduce as much natural light as possible into the home whilst also maintaining a sense of privacy, particularly given the homes' location. A vast light well that runs from the second floor roof to the ground introduces vast amounts of light into the main living spaces, with a bridge wonderfully adjoining the lounge to the master bedroom. Configured in a way around the penthouse to allow for rooftop views and strolls, open air is really accessible whilst always maintaining privacy.

Of typical whitewash walls and white furnishings, the penthouse offers a light and airy environment; the master bedroom has a floor that is flush to the exterior garden patio, and both make this home look as commonplace in USA as it would in the Mediterranean. If you in any way feel inspired to go ahead and convert your loft, SATORI & SCOUT need no invitation to encourage you.

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