Female Co-Working Club Opens In Paper Factory

Recently featuring another of The Wing's other female co-working clubs, the company is back to introduce a new location, expanding into an old paper factory in Brooklyn, New York (USA). Greatly alike the previously articled location, that fantastically cosy atmosphere is once again crafted by this awesome retro-cool interior design. Designed by Chiara De Rege and the brainchild of Lauren Kassan and Audrey Gelman, the club company now offer three locations in total - Soho, Manhatten and Brooklyn, all in New York. As Gelman explains of the move, "...a third of The Wing's current members call Brooklyn home, and it is consistently one of the most requested locations." A smart move.

Slightly different to the other locations, this paper factory building gives The Wing a venue with multiple storeys. Offering all the cosiness, pink, warmth, mixture of private and public spaces, living room-esque decorations and eclectic furniture that has now become synonymous with The Wing, SATORI & SCOUT think that the club has out-done themselves once more. With a gorgeous set of sunken chairs and sofas, exuberant hanging lampshades, harmonic wall colours and the most wonderful of suede chairs, why wouldn't any women want to spend her entire day in there? Giving women the ability to sit back and work (or socialise) in a women-only environment, the premises features professional spaces that are all super-cool and trendy, as well as interactive for the users and timeless in design. Offering public meeting areas as well as private work-alone spaces, the club also runs talks and events for the members. Well worth a visit (or membership). Discover more about the members club at: The-Wing.com

Photography credit : The Wing
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