The Lawa Shelf, With A Twist And Turn

SATORI & SCOUT do love a well-functioned shelf or desk unit, don't we? There is just something so compelling about seeing a good shelf or desk put to use in any aspirational man or woman's home. Introducing the fantastic Twist shelf, such a design is fresh from LAWA's design studio, a company that is the Danish-based brainchild of architects Ewa Bryzek and Allen Shakir. Entirely informed by the rules and conventions of architecture, and with a continual desire to experiment and explore, SATORI & SCOUT really do appreciate the company's first designs and look forward to all those yet to come.

Offering practical pieces with a refreshing approach, Lawa's products escape convention while staying true to function, creating simple yet comforting designs that toy with all your expectations. The Twist Shelf is a particular favourite of SATORI & SCOUT and the unit offers both a shelving space and a magnetic board, both within a single unit. Sculptural, the shelving unit is made from untreated oak wood, and the 2-in-1 design has a simple mid-way twist of 90 degrees that opens up all sorts of storage and aesthetic potential.

Be it a kitchen knife holder, spice rack, paper notes board, bedroom essentials shelf et al., you could literally use this design for practically everything and anything: maybe match the shelf with an nearby-located minimalist desk to offer an equal complement, or proudly position this on a wall as a standalone piece, capturing all eyes by way of curiosity. Discover more about the design studio online at:

Photography credit : Lawa

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