Luken Combatting Plastic Pollution

Innovation is always inspirational in any realm of design, and Mexican architecture firm Paola Calzada Arquitectos have taken it upon themselves to produce a series of flat-pack furniture designs that have each been manufactured entirely of recycled plastic bottles and this special wood fibrous valchromat material. Within the umbrella of a new brand named Luken, the range features a collection of chairs and tables that can each be assembled without any added fixatives, specifically for children.

Intending to combat recycling plastic bottles via the less-energy consuming action of re-using the same material beforehand, these furniture pieces are 100% manufactured from plastic, or 12mm thick panels of valchromat, an averagely common MDF material that is made from wood sourced from Portuguese sustainably certified forests. The result is this plastic-cum-board material which can be subsequently interconnected via simple multi-slot connections. Suitable for usage both inside and out, might this be a future option for plastic bottles and their rising global issues?

As the new brand Luken explains, " chemicals are added in the manufacturing process of our materials. After cutting the boards, the result is flat pieces that are simply assembled in the client's house. No nails or glue are required." Continuing, "...products can be sent to all parts of the world and flight services are not expensive due to the flat package."

With the brand's sole intention to reduce plastic in the ocean, Luken are said to be "...fed up with the images of garbage floating in the sea, and decided to take the tip of the iceberg and give it a better future." To date, Luken has recycled up to 80,000 plastic bottles and the brand estimates circa 600 bottles are required for any one furniture unit. Born from the Circular Economy, such a concept is one that SATORI & SCOUT loves. Discover more about the brand online at:

Photography credit : Marta Kowalska

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