Minimalism Of The Menchuks Apartment

When anyone ever thinks to add white into their home, there should always be an air of caution; too much white and you verge on feeling clinical like a doctors surgery, or too little, and the colourways that the white matches with all become half-hearted and the real advantage of any pureness is lost. Introducing perhaps the whitest property on the market, the Menchuks Apartment by Hrystia Koliasa is probably about the furthest limit that SATORI & SCOUT's designers would ever contemplate with including white within the home. In fact, white is the home.

Entirely minimalist in every degree, this apartment can be found in Lviv (Ukraine) and the homeowner's desires were to imagine a space that maximises the home's living functions without compromising any space. As such, the bed can be found adjacent to the living area to double-up as a sofa, or built-in storage units can be found throughout the entire home with the white camouflaging all their hidden corners.

Entirely white barring the timber floor and the cool greys of the furniture within, this tri-tonal colour palette really allows the home's details to come into a person's focus with no aspect left for the periphery. Without any inclusion of any other colour at all - well, a mug here and there might include another colour (how dare it?!) -, the process of cleaning and re-organising is hardly ever going to be a chore given the raw simplicity of the home's interior.

SATORI & SCOUT's favourite aspect has to be the sunken bed that becomes an extension of the living area, though with so much white throughout the home, surely the flow between spaces ought to be the foremost celebrated aspect of the design. Could you live in such a white - or concreted - home? It does make for awfully good entertaining though... Discover more about the architects online at:

Photography credit : Hrystia Koliasa

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