The Floating Leisure House

Many people assume that the remit of architecture exists only with structures that are positioned on land. Friday, a skilled team consisting of University of Coimbra structural, electrical, hydraulic, marine, coastal and mechanical engineers, has other ideas. If you're looking at the gallery and thinking that the Floating Leisure House is mere fantasy, be safe in the knowledge that a combined total of over 20 PHd and Msc qualified researchers work within Friday's development and production department. This design is authentic, has global clients, and we want one as soon as yesterday.

Designed to be perhaps a romantic gateway, a mobile floating house in the middle of a lake for a group of friends on a jolly, or a family of permanent residence, the Floating Leisure House guarantees you a fantastic living experience. SATORI & SCOUT is thinking that the House would be an absolute lifestyle choice for those that love sailing, paddling, water skiing, or simply relaxin' and maxin', whether it be for the occasional weekends or actual residency.

Should it be for the former, then the Floating Leisure House is a fantastic alternative to hotels, or a quirky upgrade to camping. Unable to quite work out which of these two categories you'd associate the House more with, be it the luxurious finishes, warmth and accommodation provision, or the haphazard, independent and more casual living lifestyle, for the sake of simplicity, we are placing the floating accommodation in a category of its own. If each were organised on some kind of scale, this new category would be somewhere in between hotels and campsites. Does the design sway you enough away from traditional camping, or away from luxurious hotels?

Or equally, perhaps, should it be the latter option for permanence residency, we're confident your family would love to grow up and be at one with each other within this setting. Just imagine, sitting aboard the boat at night, perhaps teaching your children to write, wining and dining under the sunset, or snuggled together around the fireplace.

The Floating Leisure House seems to serve both functionality and aesthetics equally on par. Should you find the ideal location to moor your House, the wonderfully clean interior would be an inspiring environment to experience; the simplicity of its finishes, materials and colours would definitely be harmonising to the mind. The external materials are equally as luxurious, with a fantastically bold structure visible to the eye, yet subtle enough to feel welcoming and well-designed, rather than be over-engineered and over-powering. 

Each House is fitted with a fully equipped kitchen, one bedroom, living space and bathroom, heat pump, pellet stove and AC generator, as well as a diving platform, permanent barbecue and wine cellar. Should you wish for more, the House can be upgraded to include two more bedrooms to extend the square area from 28 to 52 metre squared.

Even without knowing any more, it could be said that the design of the non-bespoke home speaks for itself. However, with these few extra final points that are to be highlighted, you'd be silly not to consider Friday's mouthwatering idea. Firstly, the House is modular, whereby you can literally design your own home in as many layouts as you'd like and allows the project to accommodate a global customer base; the House is highly eco-friendly with an on-board waste water treatment plant and the ability to self-produce 80% of its total energy usage; and the design can well and truly actually move, though only at the trusty speed of 3 knots.

Fancy waking up in different places on different days, or being entirely original in comparison to all your friends(?), the Friday's Floating Leisure House is your ideal solution... Friday Floating Leisure Houses are available made-to-order online at

Photography Credit : GoFriday

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