The Filmset Designed Hostel Experience

It has been claimed as 'the coolest hostel in the world', and judging by the gallery, we can certainly agree in that it is very cool! Such a bold claim was admittedly said by this particular hostel organisers themselves, though we really haven't scouted anything better as of yet. Maybe they're right afterall.

Located in Bonn, Germany, the film set themed hostel is modestly named Base Camp Hostel and can accommodate up to 120 people across its offering of sixteen retro caravans, two sleeper train carriages, four original US Airstream trucks, and a few other obscurities amongst the large warehouse. Within a fantasy setting, each hostel 'room' (Do we call them rooms?) has been uniquely and authentically kitted out, all designed by famous film set designers. As we gaze across the spectrum of accommodation on offer, we are hard picked in which we'd want to choose, be it the Trans-Siberian Railway sleepers without their usual rattling and shaking along the rail-tracks, or a Volkswagen transporter (Scooby-do?). Likewise, the Apres-Ski Gondola and its wooden scent, the Hollywood Airsteam and its associated American Dream, or the tent upon the bike rack of a Trabant (the Ferrari of socialism) each get our equal curiosities.

Without ever needing to worry about the traditional issues of camping such as the weather, heat and dryness, and food preparation, you will be able to absolutely enjoy the warehouse and its oddness in all its fantastical glory. Is it that much better than a normal hostel? We think so; well worth a visit if you can!

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