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Many of us absolutely love camping, and often people's idea of fun is to make the most of every weekend via mini driving trips, or of your annual holidays with excursions on long adventures. Some of us love to avoid the luxury of a hotel room, complete with warmth, daily cleaned bedsheets and hot water, and chose to camp, offering not much by way of comparison. There is, however, a new common ground between the two extremities, and this has become known as glamour camping, or 'glamping' for short.

The Hutte Hut is the result of the collaboration of industrial designers and craftsmen from Santa Barbara, California, USA. Neither wanting to label their design within the 'glamping' category, nor suggesting that its design isn't quality-made and worthwhile, the Hutte Hut aims to appeal to anyone with a love of travel.

With a combination of premium materials, good modernist design and boutique manufacturing methods, the Hutte Hut is very well made and should be considered as an option if you are in the market for a camping accommodation upgrade. The Hutte Hut serves to provide a new experience for campers new and old, perhaps overcoming many of the pragmatic issues and non-sensibilities of traditional camp sites.

Looking at its design, you can easily identify that the roof and some detailed parts were inspired by boat building. With a teardrop silhouette shape, and via precise architectural precision, the artisanal craftsmanship is there all to be seen. Internally the space is stylish and intricate, and allows for a bed, enough room for plenty of luggage and all other camping essentials. Manufactured with aluminium for its space frame (roof), birch wood for its fixtures and fittings, marine ply for its weathering exterior and natural cotton for its water repellent canvas canopy, each material complements each other very well. The Hutte Hut boasts retractable double doors, large panoramic windows, curvaceous bowed trusses and a sun diffusing canopy, each allowing for expansive views from an overall secure, safe and dry environment.

Each Hutte Hut is made to order and in-house, and it is this small batch manufacture that signifies optimum quality control and attention to detail. The Hut is designed (and tested) to be highly durable against some of camping's harsh conditions, and the timber finish is such to allow for beautiful weathering over time (assuming proper care). Towable by most cars, SATORI & SCOUT are recommending the Hutte Hut as an ideal travelling companion for anyone wanting to hit the road and take advantage of any discovered view. Who wouldn't want to wake up in a space like this with a view of the Matterhorn or Lake Bled, as examples, in the near distance; quiet, cosy and comfortable?

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