Phillip Grass And His Companions

Danish furniture design is amongst the best in the world - arguably the very best - and Phillip Grass and his imaginative creations are now officially amongst its roster. With furniture of vivid presence that sets itself somewhere in between 'fun art' and functionality, Grass's subtle touches of humour match his furniture's sophistication. As Grass explains, he wishes for "...the objects to take on a life of their own."

Each design mimics a wonderful little cyclops character, offering a creative person-like frame structure and a single eye (complete with pupil) on the seat. With each fella's (we're going to assume they're masculine) wooden seat available in beech, oak and mahogany, and each matte coated steel frame available in black, white, blue and yellow, and with three legged, four legged and junior designs, there are plenty of 'fun' choices to decorate your home with.

Admittedly not going to be to everyone's taste, whereby many may prefer more conventional furniture pieces, Grass's creations are still a huge shout for consideration. Their playfulness and quirkiness work very well with the colourways they're available in, whereby the overall design is somewhat highly pleasing to one's creative mind.

Beginning his post Rhode Island School of Design (USA) career as a wooden sculptor, Grass's workshop now produces all of its furniture in both Denmark and Germany, both of which are synonymous with quality materials and inventiveness. Ideal for homes, creative offices or public spaces, enjoy the pieces for what they are, and sit comfortably as you consider which Danish furniture is next on your wishlist...

All Phillip Grass seating designs are available at selected stores and online at

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