The Casa Ricart Of Spanish Tradition

SATORI & SCOUT, above all else, is an informative resource for you to develop your lifestyle, discover new sides to your expression and self-nature, and enjoy our aspirational lifestyle and ideas. Drawing upon the finer things in life that bring enjoyment and self-expression, it is not always the most glamorous of homes that need to be resided within in order to appreciate our message. Located in Valencia (Spain), Casa Ricart is a very traditional home situated in the historic Benimaclet neighbourhood and has a very distinctive facade.

Designed by Gradoli & Sanz architects, the home very much echoes the nature of the settlement in general, with Benimaclet regarded as a garden village. Originally an island in a sea of fields crisscrossed by irrigation ditches, such has changed when the city of Valencia encroached over time; Benimaclet became an anomaly within the urban fabric. As such, the home's traditional nature shines through with patios, even of small size, at the center of the house. Arranged around two courtyards; the first marks the transition between the living room and kitchen area and is an open space to the sun with an olive tree, whilst the second is very much more private and is protected by vegetation all around.

With both senses of private and public addressed, the indoor / outdoor relationship sees oversized timber-framed doors marking the patio's boundaries, and the roof terrace that is accessed via an external staircase is truly an asset to admire. With concrete and brickwork used throughout the property, there is nothing over-glamourous about the home in any way, with no obnoxious frills or overstated pieces of furniture; everything is just so correct. A bookshelf runs the length of an internal horizontal wall and is just superb in the setting it sits in. Of traditional nature, discover more about the architects at

Photography credit : Mariela Apollonio +

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