From Floor To Wall Via Zutik Storage

So here's a new line of thought, 'leave the floor to explore the walls...', as this Zutik creation expresses. If you're wanting to de-clutter your home or workspace, the Zutik is a complete organisation system that is composed of a horizontal oak beam that can be accessorised with acoustic panels, shelves, mirrors, ladder structures and coat racks. A good looking piece with all the functional benefits that most aspirational homes desire, the Zutik system is pretty awesome.

With the ability to be adjusted time and time again, both in length and composition of storage units, the Zutik is able to adapt to both large installations or small spaces, as well as a variety of surroundings. Designed by French design studio Alki and product designer Jean Louis Iratzoki. this versatile piece of furniture is certain to add visual appeal to any space and wall that would otherwise be a mundane or cluttered storage combination. A clever construction, it's hard not to be impressed with the understated design and functional capabilities of the Zutik storage system. SATORI & SCOUT really enjoy the capabilities in such a simple offering, and as Alki briefly explain, "...walls become a graphic and a practical construction site." Discover more about this project at

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