The 9 Lives Cat Design Show

So this isn't an April Fools, cats now have a cat furniture design show. Well, not cats themselves, we doubt they are the purchaser, but certainly are the end-user. Singapore will soon be hosting the world's first ever cat-themed furniture design show during their Singapore Design Week. Titled 9 Lives - let's be honest, it was only ever going to be called that -, the exhibition is set to showcase the latest of practical and aesthetically pleasing interior design, toys and furniture for indoor cats. Meow.

The designer behind such event is Tan Chin Chin, and the 9 Lives cat furniture design show is said to have been setup with the ambition of inspiring the world to think of good design beyond our own needs, and create more than fantastic living conditions for our cats. Ultimately, cats are quite inseperable to their owners, and so in reality such environments are shared with one another. As such, it is argued that cat furniture should be as wonderfully designed as that new three-piece sofa you purchased last weekend.

As Tan Chin Chin explains, " more Singaporeans adopt street cats and integrate them into their households, there is a growing demand for quality cat furniture." With a focus on small space living and efficiently designed 'play homes', the belief is that such show is more than overdue. A nice addition to the trade fair, a part of the proceeds are to be donated to Cat Welfare Society. SATORI & SCOUT thinks we need to board the next plane to Singapore to see these cuties.

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Photography credit : 9 Lives

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