Dropbox Hotel Experience

No, not a hotel experience that allows you to easily transfer and store data, but DROP Box, a new hotel experience that has been launched by Spanish design studio in-tenta. Part of their micro-architecture collection, this hotel is a moveable and modular unit, much like our recently shipping container residence, and such is a neo-idea that offers a comfortable and eco-friendly environment in which can be placed in almost any natural setting to be enjoyed by guests and guests' friends alike.

Designed to be temporarily installed in resorts, small hotels and safe zones found in natural settings, the DROP Box hotel concept offers the possibility to expand the number of rooms available (and booked) with a minimum resulting impact on the environment. With two different unit sizes available to choose from for an easily comfortable fit of two adults or a family of four, every unit offers fair-sized bedrooms, three-piece bathrooms (with a panoramic shower) and an outdoor terrace that has got SATORI & SCOUT particularly excited about - imagine the fun you can have on that in your natural setting (!), barbecues and family get togethers for hours.

Enabling it's guests to truly and fully immerse themselves in nature, every DROP Box is manufactured off-site and is transported to your heart's content location. Sounds perfect. View the accommodation for yourself in 360 degrees, the DROP box guest unit.

Discover more about this hotel online at: In-tenta.es

Photography credit : in-tenta

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