Lujo Comfort Bean Bags

The aspirational lifestyle is one that strives to conquer all, to achieve an appreciation and have access to the finer things, but how about putting life on pause? Mastering the art and dynamism of indoor-outdoor flow with a range of stylish and outdoor bean bag chairs, loungers, poufs, footstools and ottomans, lujo ask you to do just that, and it is probably worthwhile.

With a vast collection of outdoor furniture that are each versatile in enduring the harshest of outdoor environments - hot, cold, sun, rain, mildew and corrosive salt air - whilst continuing to look great and fresh year after year, lujo began in 1968 when three young Italian designers invented Sacco, a sack-like bag that was filled with semi-expanded polystyrene beads to cross-could function as a seat. Lightweight and portable, Sacco was really unique (especially given the fashion of the late 60s) in it's simplicity and was an instant hit with the youth of the day. Fast forward 50 years, the New Zealand-based lujo team maximises relaxation in the body and mind, particularly with extra long product warranties above and beyond the beautifully simple designs.

Recently launched, the Kyoto Indoor Bean Bag is extra large and throws back to the more traditional bean bag form with a stylish, modern edge for the modern home. Ergonomically designed in shape, this bean bag really does warrant full praise. Of similar shape, Lujo's iconic Tulum outdoor seats are stylish, comfortable and durable, and perhaps perfect for relaxing outdoors over summer. As you might imagine, comfort is the main priority when designing living space - form follows function, afterall - and whether you want an afternoon nap, a daze in the sun or family time together, lujo furniture is really quite desirable. SATORI & SCOUT highly recommend these numbers, well worth it to improve your living ensemble.

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