Simple Shelving Of Pure Function

As our keener of readers would know, dual functional designs are often much better than expensive or excessive designs. The underlying essence of good design is in it's function - as per 'form follows function' - and when something offers more than just one capability, then suchlike objects are elevated beyond the norm, in SATORI & SCOUT's well-grounded opinion.

Another design that has been recently scouted is the Woodi storage unit, a collaboration between Hanna Sarokaari and Elina Ulvio which is designed to hold any of your firewood, books, magazines or anything stackable. A minimalist design that rests at a slant on three legs to allow the unit to be used either horizontally or vertically, can anything be more simple?

Intrigued? Discover more about the designer at

Photography credit : Hanna Sarokaari

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