Swedens String For That Flexible Living

When it comes to organising your home, it can often be the case that the tidier you are as an individual (or family), the cleaner your lifestyle. With life comes continual change, and the ability for your home to be flexible to meet your own gradual changing needs can often be hard to the point that rooms become neglected in usage, energy and value. In an attempt to combat this seemingly futile predicament - which is admittedly very true - home interior company String Shelving have invented a home solution that ensures that your home is forever utilised in the most economical of ways. A highly flexible storage system, their offerings of a totalitarian storage solution can consist of small or large compositions. Designed originally in 1949 by Swedish architect Nils Strinning - why are the Swedes so good a furniture design(!) -, String's multi-award winning ideas could only be described as simple at best, innovative at worst.

Consisting of simple powder coated steel frames on which wooden components hang and give function, String's entire composition is right on the money for your contemporary home and flexible living. Unpretentious in almost every way, this highly practical and versatile solution is both super simple to construct and an ideal essential for any bedroom, utility room, kitchen, lounge, or whichever room you so please. With various lengths and sizes of frame, different modular units and shelving too (from magazine racks, work desks, glass displays, trays etc), all are available to make the most basic or most oversized shelving you require. Frames available in black, grey or white powder coating, and wooden shelving available in birch, walnut, oak, grey, white or black, these colour combinations will make for some very nice compositions.

Discover more about the designers and shop online at: String.se

Photography credit : String

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