Northern Lighting Drops Name As It Diversifies

Nordic in spirit, global in style. Northern Lighting's goal is to create whereby it's Nordic home environment is truly rugged and complete with clear blue waters and dramatic horizons that are reflected in breath-taking fjords. A place filled with talent and imagination, such a part of the world is always ready to inspire new ideas in design, and in that, Northern Lighting - now just 'Northern' after a rebranding - offers some of the best home furniture designs SATORI & SCOUT have ever witnessed. Absolutely fantastic designs.

From a place where creative expression meets traditional craft and where pale beauty is coupled with rough-cut contrasts, Northern is pioneering some fantastic designs. An award-winning studio that was once established by Ove Rogne, the creative company consists of 16 designers from across 7 countries and by way of dropping of the word 'lighting' from its brand name, is set to truly expand into the world of home accessories and furniture.Taking a look at their debut furniture collection, all of its fantastically calm and beautiful designs are clearly inspired by Nordic landscapes, and with furniture ranging from daybeds to coat racks, wall frames to mirrors, coffee tables to lounge chairs, its hard to see why this collection wouldn't be an absolute hit from across the world.

SATORI & SCOUT absolutely love the brand with their nook wall rack, yam lounge chair and dais chair/ladders winning the accolade of being our favourites from the new collection. Discover more about the designers and shop online at:

Photography credit : Chris Tonnesen

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