Surplus Jerry Cans In The 21st Century

As our regular readers will know, SATORI & SCOUT admire all things unusual and particularly those that inspire a greater lifestyle. Unsure as to whether you know what a Jerry Can actually is, a sinister President Roosevelt once claimed that "...without such cans, it would have been impossible for our armies to cut their way across France at a lightning pace". A container can that essentially won the Allied forces World War II, Danish Fuel has a new purpose for them.

Unique, re-purposed and re-made, and with a company model much like that of Bel & Bel or Fallen Furniture, each Danish Fuel Jerry Can begins life at a military surplus stockhouse. The upcycling process that takes three weeks, with manufacturing processes along the way that include cutting, drilling and grinding, burning and sandblasting, adding new powder coats, creating and fitting new internal plywood (of Oak, Smoked Oak or Walnut) shelves, assembly and finally mounting. With every step done by hand in their studio space in Denmark, the final result is pretty awesome, and to add to their authenticity the name of the Can's model shows clearly on it's front.

Prior to the Americans and the Allied forces using the Jerry Can, the design was initially invented by the Germans in 1939, just before World War II. Designed to carry gas, diesel, kerosene and water to army camps around the German territory, each can was colour coded with red ones containing gas, yellow ones containing diesel, light blue ones containing kerosene and blue ones filled with water. A simple design that made transportation easy, quick and universal.

With their obvious synonymity of such industrial and dark times, their masculine nature now takes on a much airer and peaceful existence. Ideal for perhaps a home bar, unisex bathroom storage unit, dressing room store cupboard, hotel decoration, living room storage unit, and probably tens more other uses, this luxury piece of functional art is really well thought out. Knowing that each Danish Fuel Jerry Can that you purchase has perhaps such well-travelled history, who knows what went on before the container housed your beers, bathroom utensils or the like. With a huge amount of character, each storage solution is available in seven colours, and there are three internal shelving layouts available. Ideal for when you're looking to add that industrial look to your home interior, this classy choice will surely be on your wishlist.

SATORI & SCOUT are of the opinion that each Can's best solution would be for a drinks cabinet. With the war-time rust and paint removed and completely sandblasted over, and with finishes that ooze luxury, their sheer presence in any interior would radiate class and impress anyone.

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