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We are ready for everywhere, always. Are you? The founder of American brand Texas Rover is a man that grew up in a small East Texas town called El Campo and was surrounded for much of his childhood by cotton fields and farmland. With a family background in agriculture, John Humphreys was propelled toward adventure and travel, desiring only to see the world beyond his small town's boundaries. Inspired by explorers that have wandered before, Humphreys loved the idea of traversing across unknown terrain, down rivers and up mountains, along pathways and through forests, and his desire has led to much more than just his own personal aspirations.

Founded to create quality goods for the modern adventurer who have an appreciation of the past, American based Texas Rover continues to hand-manufacture its products that are made to be lived with, to be loved and, quite literally, to rove with. With the intention of lasting a lifetime for all of their owners, quality comes far ahead in priority than quantity to the brand's team members, and SATORI & SCOUT see no reason why their products can't be essential goods for many of your generations to come.

Do you find yourself trying to jam pack suitcases into your car for a weekend getaway, internationally jetsetting to further afield, or perhaps sitting by a campfire telling long stories and sharing laughter together, all sat within a cosy circle? Adventure is as much about who you meet and who you journey with, as it is of your actual movements and discoveries, and what better way to satisfy that aspect than to offer age-old accommodation and a comfortable resting set-down along the way?

Focussing on just two of Texas Rover's product lines, The Humphrey Chair is a modern adaptation of a classic 1800s camp chair that was used by the South Africans, whilst The Balmorhea Bag is a luggage carrier that is crafted to have a perfect duffle for both style and durability, and be suitable for the longest and shortest of any trips.

Made of hand-finished, reclaimed native Texas pecan wood and featuring full-grain oiled natural leather and high-quality brass bolts, the Humphrey Chair would be highly functional and safe enough for any adventure stop, whilst also highly stylish and cool enough for the comfort of your own home. Each chair is hand assembled by a master craftsman, and along with the care that is placed into their manufacture, the leather and assembly bolts are more than durable enough for any exposure to the elements of nature. Highly portable and extremely classy, this Texan made product is a really compelling recreation of the 1800's original design. SATORI & SCOUT would have these chairs scattered around the studio or lounge, as much as it would be one of the first essential bits of kit that we pack should we be heading out to the local mountain range for a few days. A labour of love for a lifetime of comfort, we say!

The Balmorhea Bag is very much equal on design and quality to it's chair companion. Handcrafted for durable hardwearing and casual style, the bag is ready for absolutely anywhere. Made from water resistant canvas for protection and complete with solid brass hardware fixings, what is not to love for the most aspirational of lifestyles! Available in two versions, the Weekender has been designed for short trips and the Traveler is more suited for longer journeys; both are equally as awesome.

With both products being handmade in USA, the quality simply oozes out of every bit of hand-finished leather texture. Far from the awfully constructed nylon and aluminium camp chairs or bags that are poorly lined and break all too easily without prior warning as you carry that little bit too much, Texas Rover has an entirely different mindset; to do things properly. With luxury comes price tag, and though prices for either products are much higher than lesser-quality alternatives, SATORI & SCOUT are confident that should you have enough to spare, then your money will be very well spent. Texas Rover will certainly help you be bold and confident, yet relaxed and casual.

Available for purchase across USA and online at TexasRover.com.

Photography credit : TexasRover.com

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