Summers Essential Garden Firepit

When summer arrives barbecues are rife with popularity, and there can be often few things more enjoyable in life than a family and community gathering around a fireplace when the evening is warm and calm. Even if you don't have access to a dreamy sunset view or even a garden to your name, there is a solution that we know you will admire and wish you owned - the Stahl firepit is straight on SATORI & SCOUT's wishlist.

Of a really simple, but inventive design, the Stahl firepit is made from hot rolled (and non-powder coated) steel that has been hand picked from the finest selection to ensure that the material develops a beautiful patina over time as each summer passes each year. With the steel a whole quarter-inch thick, the Stahl firepit is far from your usual barbecue that is available at your local store, with such commercial units often feeling like they're to break or rust by the time the first or perhaps second autumn arrives.

Manufactured using precision laser cutting and having no welded parts, one of the beauties of the Stahl firepit design is that it easily enables you to assemble, or put away, the container at your convenience. Should you not wish to have the beautifully masculine design on show 365 days of the year, you can simply remove the coal and un-slide all of the parts from each other, such is its flatpack nature. With no movable or small parts, there is no chance of losing nuts or bolts, perhaps, or of screws becoming so tight that the barbecue becomes squeaky and broken.

Known to naturally lighten in colour from a dark blue to an autumn gold, you can expect this fireplace to adopt a lovely golden tint, and with the thickness and durability of the material considered, the Stahl firepit is definitely built to last for generations. As such, the minimalistic shape is timeless, and the design is wonderfully functional. With an open top, you might even want to use the firepit in the winter months, and use it as a campfire for everyone to stay warm. Be careful though not to keep the barbecue in its V-formation, as that would simply create a container and when it rains, mouldy still water is never anyone's friend.

Do you have any summer plans? We all have a love for outdoor entertainment, whether that be in large groups or with your loved one, and the inclusion of the Stahl firepit into your garden's patio landscape will not let you down. Available in three sizes, the largest is an ideal size for a garden or patio, adding great ambiance to any outdoor living space, the middle size is perhaps perfect for small patios, decks, and car camping, being great for an urban living with limited space, and lastly the smallest would be ideal for taking on vacation, with this size manufactured from lightweight aluminium to be suitable for car camping and travel. With prices starting at £350, buy yours online at

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