Statement Brass Shelving For New You

New Year, New You: Make A Statement (and read more books). This Brass Rail shelving that has been designed by Toronto (Canada) based Ryan Taylor is certainly worth it's weight in gold (Brass). Have you ever thought that you buy all these wonderful books, desk items, decorative objects or discovered worldly treasures, only to then position such wanderlust on a basic shelving unit?

Beyond a statement, Ryan Taylor's shelving is still highly functional, but the shelving unit that was designed for Canadian Object/Interface is certainly a cut beyond the usual. Featuring shelves made of solid sapele wood that can each accommodate up to 100lbs each and unfinished brass components as support, the Brass Rail is elegantly simple, fully adjustable, semi-wall mounted, and hand made. 27 inch wide to accommodate all your needs, sapele wood was chosen for the shelving due to the timber type categorising itself into the mahogany family, and thereby never subject to fading over time and instead becoming richer.

With easy assembly and easy-reconfiguration into 21 positions in 4 inch increments upon demand, the unit's adjustable feet and it's distance from the wall ensure that such an object remains sturdy and elegant. Able to be connected horizontally into a multitude of units, with any number the limit, this shelving is certainly ideal to store all those Christmas books you received.

Discover more about the shelving and designer online at: Object Interface.

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