Botanical Tillandsia Grows In Popularity

The thought of conical flasks introduces nature into the mind, right? Tillandsia, or air plants as they are more commonly known to you and I, are a wonderful mix of natures-finest in beautification and self-efficiency. With over 500 species formally identified to exist, whereby the plant-type can grow and be entirely self-sufficient without the need for soil entirely, such plants receive all their nutritional and water requirements from the air that surrounds them. Curious little plants, you can now own your own in a wonderful display.

As air plants gain popularity in today's day and age, the recently formed botanical enthusiasts Conical, from London (UK), have begun a terrarium businesses that offers such curious pieces of nature in miniature garden environments within a conical flask. Be them red, blue, green or yellow leaved, SATORI & SCOUT are sure your home's interior would suit such a delicate microclimate on the mantlepiece, magazine table or kitchen. Discover more about botanical lab store online at:

Photography credit : Adrian Samson
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