Spinn Your Coffee With Wi-Fi and Alexa

When drinking coffee, there can often be as much interest in it's manufacture as there is in the consumption of the liquid, and this is very much true for Spinn coffee makers. Though many people might prefer the mechanical, manual ways of making coffee, there can often be no price on the instantaneous ability to brew the caffeinated beverage.

An all-in-one, smartphone app-connected coffee machine that utilises a particularly unique centrifugal system to ensure the full extraction of flavours to particular varying degrees, is there anything else the world of coffee making can offer?

Seemingly endless in artisan coffee variations and makers in today's world, there will always be some underlying requirements: quality roasted beans, filtered water, burr grinder and precision timings. Designed to optimally handle several of these factors automatically, and also offer many technological features that stand Spinn ahead of it's competitors, one such is the chamber's centrifugally drive brewing chamber with the capability of spinning beans up to 12,000rpm. That's fast. Likewise, via the touch of a button - or accurately, using their smartphone app - you can even tweak the machine's parameters to create your own personalised drink, as well as be notified when the machine is low on it's foodstuff resources. Intelligent creation, data storage and re-ordering service, Spinn your own coffee every morning.

Available from mid-2017, discover more online at: Spinn.com

Photography credit : Spinn.com

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