Sleeping Under The Stars : Null Stern Hotel

When you think you have seen it all, think again. SATORI & SCOUT are continually amazed at some of the design, lifestyle and cultural features we curate on a daily basis, and sometimes we are taken back with how truly novel some things are; this is one. The ultimate of minimalist luxury, Null Stern Hotel is certainly one of a kind, and SATORI & SCOUT absolutely love it; certainly a tick on our aspirational checklist.

Both eco-friendly and upscalable, the Null Stern Hotel has been making waves for the last few years. This conceptual hotel (of which 'Null Stern' equates to 'zero stars' or 'the only star is you') can be found in the Grisons canton of Switzerland, and originally being a nuclear bunker within the Swiss countryside, the hotel has no real estate, no walls or no roof. With a personal butler to attend to all the hotel guest's needs, all meals are painstakingly and carefully made in a cabin a little way away, and should you require the bathroom, the nearest facilities are the public bathrooms a short walk down the mountain. Sound tempted?

Giving you the ability to sleep under the stars - though SATORI & SCOUT cannot decide whether you'd actually call this glamping or hotel - the majestic landscape of Switzerland is there for all of Null Stern Hotel's guests to experience, see and absorb. Concepted by artists Frank and Patrik Riklin, Atelier fur Sonderaufgaben and hospitality professional Daniel Charbonnier, the abstract idea of having all distractions eliminated via the reduction in infrastructure gives the hotel's guests a completel immersive experience. With fresh linen sheets, handy bedside tables and a comfortable mattress, can you imagine how good that sleep will be when you consider you'll also be 6,463 feet above sea level? Wow. The hotel team have visions of installing beds of similar kinds all across the Swiss Alps.

Fully booked for 2016, you might have to be quick to book for your hotel stay in 2017. View more information online at

Photography credit : Atelier fur Sonderaufgaben


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