Pantone Animations of Summer Happiness

Onward goes our mission to always scout the coolest and freshest of aspirational lifestyle qualities, and colour is certainly all around us. Pantone is the universally accepted go-to for the latest on colour trends and whilst it was Rose Quartz and Serenity Blue elected as 2016's Colours of the Year, it is the work of Lisbon based (Portugal) artist Teresa Freitas that caught our eye at the moment.

An ongoing series, Freitas has created a collection of animated gifs of playful poolside colours, summer happiness and coastal vacation dreams, and the visuals are just so very much on-trend. With Pantone swatches substituted with subtly moving animations of 'low tide', 'coastline', 'wavering sand', 'sunset sailing' and 'fresh dive', everyone can reminiscence their Summer holidays via their Instagram accounts and a lovely follow of this account.

Capturing the last few days of summer while making continual reference to Pantone, the 'low tide' animation was described by Freitas as "...taking a fun approach to the Pantone world and reflecting on the colours and states of water, specifically the sea, as it contains so many." As Freitas wonderfully and concisely puts, "...Through animation, these swatches not only evoke an emotion but also transport us to a different place, a place big enough to contain all our thoughts." What a lovely thought on it's own, let alone the content of the posts.

Follow Freitas on Instagram and enjoy her animations at

hotography credit : Teresa C Freitas

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