Clou Coffee Table Of Pinpoint Detail

SATORI & SCOUT's love towards minimalism is there all to be seen and understood, and such a design style really does help you understand and awaken to ideas and yourself as it's stripped back approach is really refreshing. Such an action is known as 'satori' and being at the core of this website, Beirut (Lebanon) based Richard Yasmine's table design is as simple and bold as we'd ever desire.

An architect and product designer who applies a fresh approach to design but still respects traditional principles, Yasmine's Clou coffee table is really quite awesome. An object that is more the shape of a pin (or nail) than a traditional table of four legs, the design was presented in September at Maison et Object in Paris (France) and consists of two independent objects that interconnect easily. A conventional interior table when interlocked together, the table can also be transformed into a large ornamental sculptural nail if it were to be laid on the floor, or even be a table for the garden via the 'pinning' of the single leg into any soft soil via it's pyramidal pin point.

Yasmine's Clou coffee table is manufatured from either marble or treated iron metal, and the combination is high quality in style, manufacture and materiality; the visual result is one that's calm and minimalist, yet superbly statement in size and shape.

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Photography credit : Richard Yasmine

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