Secret Canadian Diving Platform

In the SATORI & SCOUT studio we have often explored the definition of the aspirational lifestyle, and we conclude that the finer things in life bring enjoyment and self-expression, where you should enrich yourself, traverse broadly through life and have a quiet confidence in yourself for having a well-developed lifestyle. To that end, what could be more beautiful than gazing into the night sky whilst among tree canopies and having the ability to catapult yourself into the water for a morning - or, evening - swim (all the while, not shouting about your awesomeness)?

Studio North are one such designer that have made this fairytale a reality, where their recently-designed hut on the edge of a Canadian lake allows it's occupants to gaze upwards at the stars and across-ways to the horizon, with water found beneath and tree canopies side by side. Sited on the banks of Bobs Lake in Ontario (Canada), the intervention seeks to serve two basic functions, sleep and recreation.

Using salvaged materials, the form follows function hut is made from timber and features a wax canvas that can be unrolled to form a shelter. As the architects explain, "...your environment can shape the way you think, whether you€™re a child or an adult, spaces can engage your imagination, broaden your mind and excite your spirit." Positioned in a screened spot, the hut platform doesn't do much to advertise it's presence, where the views and access to the water's edge are everything you could wish for. With a design that is stripped down to its bare essentials, the simple design is neither self-glorifying or wasteful. SATORI & SCOUT certainly wish they knew the location of these curious whereabouts in Canada.

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Photography credit : Studio North

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