Interactive Wallpaper Of Connective Ink

Art, light and audio

Designed by UM Project and Flavor Paper, the collaboration sees motion and decoration come together. Playful yet entirely functional, the display is a modular array of wallpaper tiles that is certainly an innovative cut above the usual wall feature. As UM Project describe, "...what interests us is the use of simple technology and connective ink, as well as the opportunity to bring together 2D design and 3D design together into some kind of an immersive experience."

UM Project continues, "...Connective ink is not a new thing, you may have seen it in other projects that people can buy and use. But often the devices or the objects which are actually triggered by connective ink feel disconnected."

To create a full circuit, each tile of the conductive ink circuit board connects to one another via the copper tabs that meet and continue onto one another. Triggered by touch-sensitive circular pads that are found at each end of the lines, a particularly cool and interactive component that interests SATORI & SCOUT is a perforated copper tube that sits upon on a copper support which can be removed to break the flow of electricity, on demand. How innovative.

Rosy in colour, millennial in pink and green, each section to the installation is simple yet cohesive. SATORI & SCOUT also highly enjoy the four -sectioned light box that is illuminated upon completion of parallel circuits. Part of a Connect system, the designers aim for its user to be able to configure any number of patterns and devices to adapt to the environment in question. Discover more about the design online at:

Photography credit : Flavor Paper

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