Innovative Glass Box Within Kiev Apartment

With apartment sizes ever decreasing as land value sees ever-increases, this compact home in Kiev (Ukraine) is a design well thought out, and innovatively packed. At just 45 square metres, the home is a myriad of spaces combined into one continuum of another.

Designed by MARTIN architects, the home is highly functional yet equally visually appealing. With every space of the apartment laid out functionally and by dedicated area, it's open layout and sprawling overlapping of spaces mean that the entire home is used to best effect. With massive widows on one side of the home to ensure that light reaches every aspect of the accommodation, the bedroom can be found in arms length to the dining area, the changing area mirror can be found in the living area aside all the respective furniture, whilst the kitchen remains in the corner at the back, just some 10 metres from the bed. To give a small element of privacy, the bedroom is innovatively partitioned off by large floor-to-ceiling glass panels, and though the material offers no combating of visual transparency, the simple fact of a barrier helps define such a space around the house. Curtains can be drawn to give some privacy, but to whom, SATORI & SCOUT are not quite sure.

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Photography credit : Martins

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