Quirky Misaki Kawai Collaboration Hits Tiger Stores

Tiger are known for their quirky products offered beyond the typical lines of high street stores, and this month sees the Danish-based retailer launch a collection that is arguably their most colourful yet. With Tiger aiming "..to bring the work of a world-famous artist to every home in the UK," Misaki Kawai is a Japanese designer that is very well Internationally known. A merge of Japanese and Scandinavian style on the outset seems a bit amiss - one culture could be described with adjectives such as colourful, super-happy or digital / graphical, whilst the other would be more suited to minimalistic, simplistic or soft - and yet the two design powerhouses certainly have played their different strengths here...

The latest big project by Tiger is one to give its customers and fans wider access to cultured art, particularly reasoned because the retailer had previously published an art book (Conceptual Photography) by Yoko Ono. Always wanting to be that little bit different from its commercial competitors, Tiger certainly do hit the mark with offering uniquely cultural products. Misaki Kawai is a celebrated artist that has seen her work exhibited in world-famous galleries such as MoMA of New York or Konsthall of Malmö. Typically working humorously with dolls or making installations of paper mache, yarn, cloth and wood, Kawai explains that this collaboration with Tiger has given her "the opportunity to share fun experiences with many, many people". Always wanting to be playful, products by Kawai that are available at the retailer shall include yoga mats, phone cases, backpacks and more, and are suitable for adults or children alike. Entitled Play with Misaki Kawai, this limited-edition collection isn't scheduled to be the only collaboration for the retailer with International artists, with Turner prize-nominee David Shrigley arriving later in the year. Equally, the retailer isn't being shy about each artist's intended markets, with Kawai's items now offered in a total of 27 countries.

Do you think the collaboration works, or is it too cultured and non-commercial for the British market? Enjoy your next visit to Tiger and let the retailer know... Have fun and discover the full range instores and online at Tiger-Stores.com.

Photography credit : PlayWithMisaki.com

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