Lava Stone Of High Craftsmanship

New materials and design as you may know are always high on SATORI & SCOUT's agenda, and following on from our recent scouting of seaweed being used for furniture, lava stone is equally as fascinating. As realised by Mexican design studio Peca, their handcarved collection of shelves and plates are certainly quite innovative.

Manufactured from dark grey volcanic rock, Peca's modular Lava Shelves are both stackable and of cubbyhole nature. As Peca describe, "These shelves can be transformed in multiple ways when arranged in a room...a bookshelf or a credenza, an altar or a nook for a special collection." SATORI & SCOUT really enjoy the flexibility that the design offers and the cuteness in the offering of a 'nook' is really quite awesome and whimsical. Able to be hung on a wall or sat on a desk, would you stack your favourite objects, or arrange them upon a wall?

Of identical materiality, Peca have also manufactured three circular and elliptical platters that have an off-centre cut across each that creates a division between the plate's polished side and unpolished side. Perhaps not as flexible in nature as the shelving, the cuteness in design continues by way of the smallest of the plates offering a brass candleholder.

As Peca explain, "...we appreciate the the hands of the craftsman who caresses and polishes it, the wild stone texture becomes a sensible and humane object." Learn more about lava as a material at

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