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So, Buchholz Berlin is pretty neat, very neat in fact. SATORI & SCOUT are quite confident that your local trip to a home furniture store that offers a vast amount of fantastic design is perhaps the highlight of your week, and more and more often do we find such stores online, enabling you to connect to the wonderful world of foreign designers. Buchholz Berlin - as the name suggests, is based in Berlin (Germany) - and is one such designer; having reviewed their pieces, the quality is about as high as it gets.

A home accessories designer than boasts wooden boards, knife holders, towel rails, bags, stools and accessories that include cutlery, cutting boards candle holders, trays, bowls and more (even carpets to complete their repertoire), Buchholz Berlin is certainly worth a visit. Manufacturers of high quality furniture and accessories, the company uses only the finest of regional and eco-friendly materials, whilst every single product is equally handmade. With most of the designs (those that are made from timber, at least) having it's material chosen individually prior to manufacture, the finished product is unique, personal and will only get better and more beautiful with interaction and use.

Berlin can be cited as being a city full of creative, artistic, freedom-loving and internationally-travelled life goers. Buchholz Berlin's team includes architects, designers, engineers, marketers and even a doctorate lawyer; all come together with a passion of ensuring that their customers receive unique pieces of quality home accessories. Being based in such a creative environment, Buchholz Berlin is no different, with the team always wanting to be novel in idea.

In line with the company's eco-friendly stance and point of view, Buchholz Berlin uses regional materials. As the company explains, "...our wood comes from the region; often it takes on beautiful and often unusual ways to reach us. We prefer the piles that have to tell a particular story, whether by their origin or design by knots, cracks and characteristic elements. For every piece of furniture we choose the appropriate timber and add it together individually." A sign of quality, "...we have a cooperation with the August-Bier Foundation and process exceptional trees from the jungles of Sauener Forst, the first mixed forest in Germany," the designer company continues.

With all considered, SATORI & SCOUT's favourite designs are their 'fair catch' knife holders, their oversized dining tables and minimalist candle holders. All of the designs somewhat play with the natural characteristics of the material and SATORI & SCOUT reckon any kitchen would see an instant upgrade with the addition of a Buchholz Berlin piece, should it be complete with a focal and expressive dining table that is made from beautiful oak, or a natural knife holder branch that would take centre stage upon any kitchen wall, even further complemented by the simplicity of a collection of candle holders.

Focusing on the dining table, of which SATORI & SCOUT think the Grunewald table is particularly fantastic, the timeless design is made from hand-picked oak planks, sourced from the Berlin region. Certainly impressive, the dining table design is left untrimmed, the natural tree edge and bark is left bare and all the section's knots are there to be seen by all. Combined, the particularly impressive grand gestured piece of furniture is complemented with lathed legs and steel connections, and the carpenter's skill is all there to be appreciated and loved.

On a similar note, the Messerast Magnetic Knife Rack stands out as a showcase piece for its novelty and natural-shape character. Giving you a conversation starter both on and off the dinner table, this natural timber knife rack is sure to be the ideal solution as a knife storage holder, especially considering the conventional place to store your knives is usually hidden away. An actual tree branch that is embedded with super strong magnets, the knife racks come in three different sizes that ranges from 50cm to 70cm. Nature is obviously the defining factor for the knife rack, dictating it's ultimate shape, but such a feature is far from a disadvantage; the natural quality is all just so great. Ideal for above the kitchen hob or along a bare wall, such a design is certainly functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Buchholz Berlin is currently working on an collection of tables that are to be manufactured from Sitka spruce for David Chipperfield's exhibition Sticks and Stones in the Neue Nationalgalerie. Discover more and purchase yours online at

Photography credit : Buchholz Berlin

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