Peaceful Austin Boathouse Of High Excitement

Boathouses are funny little places in which aside from perhaps thinking you're part of a James Bond movie about to launch yourself into the cannon of a boat race, they are places of high serenity and quietness. Which ever your incentive to ever aspiring to owning a boathouse, be rest assured that they are absolutely awesome. This secret location can be found in Austin, Texas (USA)(not so secret now, huh?) and features big upper-level openings to enable diving opportunities; thus aligning well to both a James Bond high action scene or a post-relaxation lake dip. A boathouse designed by Andersson-Wise, The Lake House finds itself afoot a steeply sloped bank upon Lake Austin. Further featuring a sculling dock and power boat storage, its upper deck houses furnished living quarters and grill. Accessed via this audacious ravine-spanning footbridge after a stunning half-mile-long rocky terrain path, you venture through wooded areas prior to opening out to the lake's open view.

As Andersson-Wise explain, "...the simple, elegant building rises above the water, resting on the surface like a water skater; and like the surface-skimming insect, this off-the-grid domicile exerts a minimal impact on its surroundings." Fantastically lightweight yet wholesome in its materiality and lake presence, the steel and wood clad structure is ideal for any weekend away. Of course, 99 percent of us will ever own such a asset in our lives, but its beauty is there to be admired. Finished with operable screens that open out to the panoramic views, fresh lake air enters the internal areas via full-height openings. Using natural and cross ventilation to climatise the room, the entire structure very much blurs the boundaries of internal/external, a feature SATORI & SCOUT are certainly keen to promote. Discover more about the boat house online at:

Photography credit : Andersson Wise
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