Perfect (Sisters Lakeside Cottage) Retreat

Living next to water really is magical and SATORI & SCOUT cannot encourage you to find a water-local home anymore that we really do. Though a price premium is often added for aesthetic benefits, the issue of flooding can sometimes be daunting for many. Assuming the first to champion the second (trust us), this Sisters Lakeside Cottage by Canadian architects Anik Peloquin is superbly well-designed. Featuring a large slanted roof that will excite any visitors and home-owners, this modern house connects new with old.

A modern extension to the current house, the Sisters Lakeside Cottage adds a beautifully panoramic living space that is entirely focussed towards a nearby water body. Featuring light-coloured timber on the interior walls, flooring and surfaces, and dark on the exterior, this contrast works very well to accentuate the space's volumes. Boasting two bedrooms, bathroom, kitchen, and several living areas, the home's small footprint maximises all the home's potential via an inside-outside relationship that acts on all four sides. An understated interior, the handcrafted nature of the surface finishes is only beaten by the silence of the water body that sits nearby. A comfortable home, is this but the perfect retreat for relaxing? Discover more about the architect at:

Photography credit : Anik Peloquin
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