Honest Track Basket Storage Design

Who'd have thought that the trusty shopping cart that we all know and use at our local supermarket would become the inspiration behind a 'quality-fashionable furniture' brand's latest collection. Namely Normann Copenhagen, designer Simon Legald has drawn inspiration from the shopping cart's metal structure and pattern, creating the Track Basket, a design so simple that it's strangely aesthetically pleasing. Offering diagonally-aligned and perpendicular steel rod panels, the geometric baskets essentially offer a dynamic design in being a different pattern depending on which angle you look from. A minimalist and airy construction, the Track Basket's tracks run in opposing directions on each side, thereby creating a fine pattern of small squares when you look through the object. You can create new expressions by placing the baskets inside one another, and when the baskets are full, the sporty, diagonal pattern of the mesh becomes apparent.

Powder-coated, the baskets offer a minimalist storage option available in multiple sizes and in three colours: Grey, Rust, and White, and are ideal to hold your books, magazines, work gear, office supplies, toys et al. SATORI & SCOUT's studio could do with more of these storage suggestions.

Discover more about and purchase the storage option at: NormannCopenhagen.com.

Photography credit : Normann Copenhagen

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