Outdoor Indoor Caravan Furniture Set

Outdoor furniture design has made some lovely progressions of late away from the endless plethora of imported designs of poor aesthetic, and often over-engineering, to surface in High Street stores. The American Humphrey Chair by Texas Rover Goods certainly ticked all the boxes for looking like a fantastic bit of kit, but its price tag(s) is perhaps not so fantastic. Wanting to continually promote a more developed lifestyle, SATORI & SCOUT reckon the C A R A V A N pieces of furniture by Eoin McNally are also worth a consideration, for more functions than one.

The Dublin based designer has created a collection of folding furniture that is suitable for both indoors and out. The origins of the multipurpose table and chair combination were when McNally explored "...the emotional value of adventurous pursuits in nature...", and upon their completion, wants to remind the end user that you can have fun experiences when you are home at your lovely abode as much as when you are off out exploring.

Aimed at the aspirational traveller, the pieces are designed to go on adventures, whether that be camping, at a picnic, or perhaps a party, and upon the event's conclusion, you can simply pack up the items and travel home, only to not store them away until next time but utilise them as if they were a core part of the home too. Manufactured from ash wood and powder coated steel, and complete with waxed canvas and leather, the designs are such to allow for ageing to occur over time as they're used, and so adventures are exactly where they belong... View the design's development progression at Eoin McNally's Instagram.

Photography credit : Eoin McNally

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