The Messy Cable Table Of Simple Solution

A table that hides cables. Simple. Isn't it?! How many times do you look at something and think that a furniture design is all very well and good, but that the cables it holds aren't half ugly and ruin the overall aesthetic? Absolutely correct, the aspirational lifestyler should lead a life without cables.

Living in an age of technology, cables are everywhere in an attempt to keep your devices charged, ready to go and connected to the wider world 24/7. More often than not, cables are jumbled and whilst it might seem unavoidable given the simple nature of plugging a wire in and disconnecting it afterwards, surely there's a better way? Grovemade have designed a simple iPhone charger unit that sits wonderfully on your desk, but Luca Nichetto for Zaozuo has gone one step further and designed the On Table, a piece of furniture that allows for every cable to be subtly hidden away while leaving your devices minimalistically resting on top without any tangling or long cables visible.

Via a hole in the centre of the 'less is more' plastic table, cables can be threaded through the opening and into a removable area that can house an extension cable. Complete with a cork base and available in Lacquer Red or Porcelain White, this design is a must if you have either OCD or simply a mild sense of clean design (SATORI & SCOUT certainly has one of these). Discover more about the designer online at

Photography credit : Nichetto Studio
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