Overly-White Fantastically Light Home

White this, white that, how white do you make your minimalist home? Serving as the backdrop to every room in this home, white is undecidedly the colour of choice by this homeowner/architect, but is it too much?

Designed by Portuguese Rar Studio, this lovely apartment has seen a recent renovation in which everything has transformed into a culmination of bright spaces. Located in an Alvaro Siza designed apartment block in Lisbon (Portugal), the home already has gravitas in terms of design layout, but reinventing the space has brought about many confident colours for its inhabitants. As the architects explained in regards to working in such a celebrated architect's building, "...The inexorable weight of the inherent responsibility runs in parallel to a sense of pointlessness of intervening within a framework that requires no such work. We thus focused on the needs, desires and expectations of the client."

As such, minimal work was attempted on the home's layout, but rather many small changes that make the space work just so well. Firstly, the home has seen its ventilation systems relocated to become hidden, secondly clearer pathways were created in communal spaces via the repositioning of doors, and lastly, the lounge's corridor was nicely replaced by an open shelving unit to allow natural light to filter into the channelled room. Exuberant in style by way of featuring exclusively white walls and letting the furniture's colouring and materiality contrast, the home has become even brighter than before by the removal of all dark floorboards.

Via small touches such as thinner skirting boards and narrower door frames, the entirety of the home is made to feel more lightweight and transparent (still opaque, though). As you can feel from just the photography, each space is generous in it's offering and entirely focussed about the accessibility of natural light. Complete with these cleverly-placed artificial lights in each of the rooms, the home certainly 'pops'. Discover more about the architects online at: Rar-Studio.com

Photography credit : Fernando Guerra
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