AirBnB x LEGO House

SATORI & SCOUT have previously spoken about Bjarke Ingels' LEGO House and it's public exhibition, and here we see an update on it's establishment as a wide attraction. Entering into a partnership with AirBnB, the home is to offer a single apartment in which you can experience LEGO world like no other during your stay. With so much creativity in one space, you might not get much sleep for sake of continual amazement. Constructed from over 25 million LEGO bricks, the home's listing on the accommodation rental service's website requires applicants to describe what would they construct should they have an infinite LEGO brick (in any colour) supply. With the ability to experience the entirety of the LEGO House after hours when opening times are over - as if it were your own home - this is surely every childs' (and adults') dream?

Throughout the building are various experience zones and historic timelines, and within the home every detail has been designed from LEGO bricks in true whimsical fashion, from flower pots, tables and chairs to teddies, tea trays and cups. Complete with two bedrooms (and yes, you do sleep on miniature bricks - ouch?), one such is complete with a fantastic waterfall and play area. Everyone's dream. Oh, and FYI, AirBnB lists this home as having a TV, heating, air conditioning and free parking on premises. SATORI & SCOUT are curious, though, what they mean by 'essentials included'. Located in Billund (Denmark), this home would be well worth a visit. Discover more about the accommodation listing online at:

Photography credit : Airbnb
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