Taking A Dip Inside A Shippping Container

Taking a dip in a shipping container has never sounded so inconceivable, but instantly fill the container with water and presto, your very own swimming pool. Such a simple and novel idea is that conceived by Canadian based Modpools, aiming to make a business out of customising shipping containers into your very own, relocatable swimming pools.

With three sizes available - remember, shipping containers have set sizes and are entirely modular units - that measure either 10ft, 20ft or 40ft long, the patent-pending swimming idea is fundamentally so commonsensical it is a wonder that these aren't available already. Using the structural integrity of a container unit to instantly transform into a structure able to withstand a body of water at ease, the entire set up of the pool can be done in minutes. Designed to be used all year around, Modpools' efficient heater can increase water temperature at 30°c/hour in -10°c weather, and everything from control temperature, jets and lighting can be centrally controlled via a smartphone app.

As easily transportable as they are structurally stable, any Modpools swimming pool can be relocated anywhere in the world, so whether you live in the beautiful Canadian snowscape, Saharan desert or sunny Scunthorpe, you will be able to enjoy the shipping container in all its glory. With prices starting at $26,900 USD (£20,000 GBP), the window as shown does come as standard, but then, you'd hope so if you're spending that much on a crate full of metal. With the ability to be converted into a hot-tub, and back again, via sliding the swimming pool's sectioned divider into the pool and creating an energy-preserving hot tub area, this design is about as modular and form-follows-function as you can get. Discover more about the designers online at: Modpools.com

Photography credit : Modpools
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