Intimate Spanish Home Of Large Volume

Architecture of space and homes certainly come in much variation, and recently SATROI & SCOUT have featured the wonderfully intimate Casa Ricart home. Via its small and enclosed patios, and large neighbouring walls, the home sets a lovely precedent for mainland Spanish homes. In contrast, however, have you ever thought that you could also make spaces more intimate via large and open frames? Certainly doesn't sound very cosy.

The idea is of contrast. The larger a space can be, the normal sized spaces would then feel intimate by contrast. Where they might not feel very intimate in their original and standalone state, but by sheer contrast to the bigger volume, your mind is tricked into thinking this is a super nice space to be in. The MMMMMS home by Barcelona-based architects Anna and Eugeni Bach is located in the area of Girona (Spain) which has strict building regulations that specifies that any new build should be characterised by similarities to traditional houses, and as such should utilise the precedented stone cladding and sloped tiled roofs.

Not wanting to directly copy existing farmhouses, the MMMMMS house offers a steel frame that mimics the structure of the home (and traditional architecture), extending the home into it's garden space to form a canopy over a large patio area. Offering a relationship between the indoor and outdoor like that of farm storage, the layout is very much influenced by a warehouse, and the totality is compliant with the regulations.

Overall the home offers small spaces within large volumes. The bedrooms, kitchen and bathrooms are all found in 'boxes' within the overarching 'storage'; circulation spaces are vast and offer much natural light. Similarly too, the outdoor canopy frame is sizeable in comparison to the home's balcony, outdoor window ledge and extended lounge area. A home of contrasts.

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