Kantini Food Court Oh'So Instagrammable

Having recently visited all over Germany to discover all that the country has to offer, our attention turns to Berlin where a brand new eatery concept has recently emerged and it's all very 'Instagrammable' (cameras at the ready); absolutely worth checking out next time you are in the German capital. Designed by Studio Aisslinger, the Kantini food court - essentially what it is - is a fantastic array of jungle foliage, chic furniture and coffee drinkers. An idea that is prioritising an atmospheric experience for its visitors by offering design-orientated food stalls, is it now the photo that appears on our Instagram accounts that is more important than the food (purchased in the eatery) itself?

A highly photogenic location by any means even prior to this new concept's introduction, this exploratory space is now home to some fantastic scenery-inspired installations; with furniture and props all organised to create that perfect 1:1 ratio Instagram photo, it's all a performance worth experiencing (oh, and the food is delicious too). Full of wit, playfulness and colour, SATORI & SCOUT's particular favourite is that of the cage seating - oh'so Instagrammable. p.s yes, cacti and flamingos are present. Discover more about the architects online at: Aisslinger.de

Photography credit : Patricia Parinejad
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