New Womens-Only (Co-Working) Members Club

The Wing is open. Hotly anticipated, this womens-only-members co-working club can be found in New York (USA) and is probably the first gender-exclusive co-working space in the world; WeWork are probably championing the open-for-all category.

orn out of the belief that women need and deserve a multi-purpose space designed to make their lives easier, and that magic is created when women gather together, SATORI & SCOUT cannot applaud The Wing project anymore. Great idea. Very unique, this co-working space provides a mixture of open-plan and private workspaces, as well as having the ability to hold organised events such as public talks. With the very intention of creating a supportive community reminiscent of the 'women's club movements' of former centuries, the strategic location of this concept is highly relevant. Launching in the Flatiron neighbourhood of Soho, the area is commonly known as the Ladies' Mile Historic District, and this concept is very much championing women's work, today and yesterday.

Originally an old warehouse, the building can be seen featuring bold and pastel colours, luxurious and comfortable materials, and creatively inspiring workspaces. With a very quickly growing membership, the company ought to be admired for it's membership as much as it's architecture, with the latter showcasing all of the building's original features. A collection of almost living-room style rooms, chairs, sofas and tables make up workspaces fit for any librarian, student or worker. An overall eclectic mix of furnishings that are very much 'fun-pop', the rooms are intended to be entirely flexible for any impromptu meetings or events. Even featuring a playful 'beauty room', this members-only club is straight out of the movies. Discover more about the members club at: 

Photography credit : The Wing
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